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Angela Toler CC, NTP 

Nutritional and Life Coach

Life Enthusiast, Runner and a Happiness Advocate

As a Life and Nutritional Coach, Angela provides techniques and resources that not only ensure positive results, but preserve sanity and well being during the journey to better health and life. Helping people to get out of their own way to allow great habits and new behaviors (or old ones that need to be rediscovered) that will give them the life they want and deserve.

Angela is uplifting, energetic, and experienced in creating positive and lasting life changes for her clients.


Stephanie Johnson NTP

Nutritional Advocate, Work Out Enthusiast
and Weight Loss Expert  ( she has been there)


I am a certified Nutritional Therapist Practitioner. I received my education and certification from the Nutritional Therapy Association located in Olympia, Washington.

I have a BS in nutrition from Kaplan University. After losing over 100 pounds on my own weight loss journey, I became very passionate about whole food nutrition, exercise, and providing the body with the best nourishment possible. After finding the Weston A. Price Foundation, I decide to take my interest in nutrition to another level, and I found the Nutritional Therapy Association.

I have a very personal interest in nutrition and athletics. I am an avid exerciser who loves sports and the outdoors and desire the ability to continue these activities as I age. I have found that since “walking the talk” of whole food nutrition, I have more sustainable energy, think more clearly and sleep better. I am passionate about spreading the word that nutrient dense food is the guiding force of health and wellness and that pain and illness should not be considered a normal part of aging…….nutritional and lifestyle changes can and will change your health and outlook on life!